Pirates of the CT Latrine

Knew there was a reason Icky Thump hadn’t leaked yet. Beware of the Blog found an otherwise unremarkable story in Thursday’s New York Times:

Bruce Forest, 50, was charged last year with a series of toilet explosions in 2005 and 2006. But under a plea agreement, Forest admitted only to blowing up one toilet in Weston in February 2006. No one was injured in any of the blasts.

Bruce Forest…Bruce Forest…where have we heard that name before? Oh, yeah, he’s the “Prince of the Darknet“:

Nearly every day, he holds forth under multiple identities as a master of the digital underworld. He does so from the home office of his ranch house in suburban Connecticut, a five-acre wooded tract that he and his family share with moose, fox, and a flock of guinea fowl that keep Lyme-carrying ticks under control. None of the residents suspects that their bucolic little town is home to the Prince of Darknet.

Forest belongs to several major movie piracy groups. He is also a channel operator on Internet Relay Chat on numerous piracy channels. Forest is in many ways the ultimate digital renegade, the kind of copyright-flouting, authority-taunting Young Turk who gives movie studio titans and record company executives the cold sweats.

Except for one thing: He is being paid to commit piracy by a major media company.

Forest is, in effect, working both sides of the fence. The underground movie groups do not know that he is a full-time consultant for a well-known global entertainment conglomerate ? it would be bad news for Forest (his real name) if his online identities were revealed.

Forest is out of the scene for 5 years, so you’re probably going to have to pay to see Ratatouille like everyone else.