Blessure Grave – “An Open Door” Video

We last heard from Blessure Grave regarding their “Stranger In The House” video in June, but it feels more fitting to discuss the San Diego death-rockers now that the autumn weather’s shifting toward winter. As luck would have it, band leader Toby Grave passed along this video for a new track, “An Open Door,” which he says will appear on a new album All Of The Above Buried Below. The collection’s being produced/recorded by the Gossip’s Nathan Howdeshell, who’s also releasing it on his Fast Weapons imprint. This video stars shadows, skin, handcuffs, religious icons, and a flaming bathtub.

All Of The Above Buried Below will be out this year via Fast Weapons. The above take on “An Open Door” is a demo of one of the collection’s two singles. You can listen to more at Bandcamp and hear their contribution to a split 7″ with Bestial Mouths at Family Time.