El Guincho Muy Fashionable

If you were thinking of dressing as The Guincho for Halloween this year, you’d be smart to throw out that red jeans/hoodie promo photo from 2008. Something happened to El Guincho since earning his BTW stripes in January ’08 on the back of Alegranzia: hombre got properly fashion-piece-worthy, based on yesterday’s T Magazine profile. Which is a nice parallel to his growth in other areas, like the expansion of his colorfully clubby tropicalia into more dub, occasionally darker and Afro-poppier palettes on this year’s winning Pop Negro, and an expansion of his fanbase’s intensity (if not size) with the contender for video of the year/visual cure for erectile dysfunction “Bombay.” All of this proven during his recent and rightly ballyhooed run through NYC, playing to a sold-out fever-pitched Mercury Lounge on 9/28 (I was there), and an equally freaky free show in Williamsburg’s Zebulon and Cameo Gallery later in the week (I was in Vegas).

So this T Mag profile, then, tracing the 25-year-old’s “peripatetic” lifestyle and crediting it for his polyglot dance stew and fashion evolution, tells you how you can “get that look” (“Usually very boring polos and ‘gentleman’ pants. White shirts somehow customized with a Coca-Cola stain after lunch”) and “get that guy” (“And I really love girls in their dresses in the summer in Gran Canaria”) while giving you a snapshot of him sitting on the beach, looking pensive/like a guy who names songs “FM Tan Sexy” which, he does. Read it to work on your fashions, don’t forget his cover of “Cover Me” for our tribute to Björk’s Post, which is also quite stylish.

[Photo by Jamie-James Medina]

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