Score The Sopranos Finale With Any MP3

We know you’re sick of a lot of things right now, maybe none more than the finale of the Sopranos, but we have to do this. What started as an e-mail chain about indie anthems that would have been superior to “Don’t Stop Believin'” turned into some slapdash nerdery, building a script for testing out different songs — paste a URL, hit submit, watch, argue. A few minutes later, work ground to a halt and we all ended up watching Carmela walk into the diner about sixty times, sometimes with funky old Children’s Television Workshop songs or really filthy zydeco. So, while you contemplate the imminent return of Journey (Jeff Scott Soto’s out, it’s apparently news that Steve Perry wanted to know how the song would be used, etc) and gauge the viability of referencing BASEketball or the Journey Atari game if this ever comes up in conversation again, we give you the power to be Chase for a Day and score the end of The Sopranos as you see fit. Share your soundtracking successes in the comments.


Pretty simple, but you never know…

  1. Paste the full URL of any MP3 into the input box
  2. Click “Play It!”

NOTE: We’re not hosting any of the MP3s you submit. Your browser is loading and playing them, but someone’s paying for that bandwidth, so be nice.

By the way, stopping and starting the audio controller will stop and start the video player, but not vice versa, and they
can get out of sync. You’re smart enough to fool around with it on your own, though, so go nuts. You might find this useful if you don’t have any mp3s handy.

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Paste the URL of your MP3 here:

Justice – “D.A.N.C.E (Paste Black Remix)”

Audio Controller:

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Songs we liked playing:

Some of our recent MP3s, for fooling around:

Just click to play ‘em.

With that, we’re off to Tennessee. Stereogum’s annual Bonnaroo coverage will kick off tomorrow afternoon or evening, depending on the wifi situation.

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