The So So Glos – “Fred Astaire” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

If you live in New York, especially Brooklyn, you’ve probably caught The So So Glos at a house party or at the Market Hotel or Shea Stadium. The foursome lived in and helped build the two Brooklyn venues, which gives you some idea of the spirit, if not the sound of the band. Their short, fast songs are jangling but melodic. They make firecrackers, and are firecrackers — their bio mentions that singer Alex Levine had his jaw wired shut after an inter-band fight. But they also come off as likable and goofy in their recent tour diary for Paper Magazine. The same likability comes across in this video, where the band clean up a bit and have someone portray Astaire in full top hat and tuxedo (he even looks and spins a little bit like Astaire). The clip was directed and edited by Matthew Greeley.

The Low Back Chain Shift EP is out now. It’s named after the most noticeable part of a New York accent.