Henry Rollins Scolds “Young Elitist Hipters” At The Cake Shop

This clip from the German television show Durch Die Nacht Mit… (“Into the Night with…”) finds Hammering Hank wandering into the Cake Shop with the Iranian visual artist Shirin Neshat where things go well enough until a woman yells “get in the van, man” and Rollins confronts her. She’s referring to Rollins’s collection of Black Flag tour stories Get In The Van, a book I oddly enough happen to be rereading at the moment. If you hadn’t heard of it, Rollins makes sure to remind us it’s “very well known” and “very famous” (with a Grammy winning audio version) after tearing into the “young elitist hipsters” and “over-tattooed trust-fund kids” with their “massive elitist ego(s).” (I sorta recognize his main target as a waitress from Old Devil Moon back in the day…) It was apparently shot in 2006, but just noticeably resurfaced online. Todd P makes an appearance as an innocent bystander.

(Via Free Williamsburg)