Ben Gibbard Covers Radiohead, Describes New DCFC LP

The next Death Cab album is “not a guitar-based record … we’ve been into vintage keyboards and playing with that palette.” So says Ben Gibbard of DCFC’s Narrow Stairs follow-up, expected next Spring, set to feature 12-13 songs. (Hear one of the potential tracks below.) He claims Brian Eno’s Another Green World is a reference point. (While the sonic similarity remains to be seen, Gibbard and Eno do share a willingness to be silly for viral video campaigns.) A song with a string section is titled “Codes And Keys,” other track names include “Unobstructed Views” and “Monday Morning.” Gibbard is “embarrassed” by the level of “self-loathing” there was on Narrow Stairs, so there will be less on this new record, possibly because there is less to loathe (he’s thinner, see), and also because I heard he’s married to somebody or the other.

The title of the SPIN post that info comes from is “Ben Gibbard ‘So Proud’ Of New Death Cab Album,” which may be more than he’d say for his self-appointment of the unenviable task of doing justice to a Radiohead cover. Or maybe he loved it? It’s not easy taking on Thom. Ben went with “All I Need” solo at a piano at the Crocodile in Seattle the other night which, while being one of Radiohead’s more approachable vocals, we can all agree is at least a harder Thom cover to pull off than “2 Minutes Of Silence.” Video of Ben going In Rainbows below:

(via 107.7 The End)

In somewhat related Radiohead cover news: Bilal sat in with the Roots the other night on Fallon and sounded pretty good on “Everything In Its Right Place,” if you care to Hulu that one.

And also at the Crocodile, special guest Mrs. Gibbard (Zooey Deschanel). The couple covered the Seekers’ “I’ll Never Find Another You” and Harry Nilsson’s “Cuddly Toy.”

And finally, Untitled New Ben Gibbard Song: