New Vetiver Video – “Everyday”

The first single from Vetiver’s Sub Pop debut is a straightforward and breezy little jangle-pop ditty, coming from a crew which has gotta have a sense of humor (of people who can tolerate Devendra, I assume it must be so), so I’m glad to see it get a video this playful. The story about a hardluck loser in love plays out in the style of a karaoke video, so the scenes of happiness and sad times are particularly goofy and exaggerated. Dude laments the loss of his girl, chucks a camera on the beach in depression (this is the most effective way to register depression), finds a hottie in a red jeep and a love for the GIN BLOSSOMS so you know it is on, until she drugs our Romeo, steals his money, and absconds with the Gin Blossoms vinyl because even grifters feel Gin Blossoms are underrated (real talk). He ends up homeless because, you know, the economy and Geithner and things of that nature.

Vetiver – “Everyday” (MP3)

Tight Knit is out 2/17 on Sub Pop.

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