Liz Phair Reviews Keith Richards’ Life

Liz Phair knows something about the Rolling Stones — her Exile In Guyville album matches the songs and pacing of the Stones’s Exile On Main Street — but she doesn’t have much in common lifestyle/habits-wise, it seems, with Keith Richards (with the exception of her recent album Funstyle, she’s a pretty responsible person). That’s probably why her New York Times book review of his autobiography, Life, is mostly a recounting of the book’s most hilarious and unbelievable sections, with almost no references to her own career as a musician and guitarist. Her review is a fun read, especially if you don’t plan on reading the book itself. Some of the incidents discussed: Richards chasing down a party guest with a sword for stealing some onions, sleeping with Marianne Faithfull while she was with Mick Jagger, many drug adventures. (For another take, you can read ?????Michiko Kakutani’s review, also in the Times.)