Clap Your Hands, On The Set: What Was Tom Thinking?

As mentioned a couple of months ago, filming for the forthcoming Hanks/Malkovich flick The Great Buck Howard, in which Clap Your Hands Say Yeah play an indie rock band called Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, is well under way. And even if you aren’t into the Clap, detest the Hanks, or couldn’t care less about being John Malkvoich … you gotta admit, this pic is surreal. You can barely see Alec. There’s John. And of course Colin Hanks, looking embarrassed. Or trying to look cool.

So let’s play “read Tom’s mind” (to make it easier on ya, we added thought bubbles and everything.) We’ll get you started with a few possibilities:

1. “Grab your Hanks, say what?”
2. “Eat your heart out, Peter Scolari.”
3. “I like turtles.”

Your turn.