New Handsome Furs Video – “I’m Confused”

Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry had a lot of fun with their half-naked Face Control promo pics. The duo bring a similar energy to the video for one of the album’s standouts “I’m Confused.” The clip, directed rather excellently by Scott Coffey, starts out like a standard house party performance, but then folks start spitting black bile of some sort and things go to hell. Note how good Boekner is at climbing trees. And that Perry’s not necessarily wearing the best outfit for trying to escape your zombie spouse. Also note: There’s a quick shot of a nude zombie woman a couple minutes in, so this could be classified as NSFW, though I doubt your boss is watching you that closely.

Love. Take it on your own bike ride:

Handsome Furs – “I’m Confused” (MP3)

Face Control is out via Sub Pop.