Strokes Complete LP4?

This is weird because I’d been hearing that the sessions were scrapped due to the band being unhappy with their creative direction (most everyone’s taking writing credits, so allegedly it sounds like a mess of everyone’s solo projects), but within the last day two members of Team Strokes have tweeted to the contrary, which makes me feel that the Strokes have come a long way, @baby: Their LP4 is apparently done, or so says Julian (@Casablancas_J: “Still not going to be out for a few months-mixing, etc, but JUST finally finished it yesterday actually!?”) and Nickolai Fraiture (@NicoleEyeBand: “YES! It’s true. Strokes IV is DONE!! Let’s go party…”).

So there you have it. Presumably the album still needs a title. With all the back and forth and conjecture and apparent apathy, This Is Happening would have been a good title, except it already is a good title. Hopefully our sources’ reportage of the band’s malaise and discontent with the record was inaccurate, and the band sounds as vital as they did at Gagapalooza. For better or worse, looks like Twitter’s confirmed we’ll find out sometime in 2011.

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