the morning benders & Twin Sister’s Andrea Estella Cover Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” @ Webster Hall, NYC 11/18/10

the morning benders’ well documented love for Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” took on added dimension last night at Webster Hall when Andrea Estella, whose Twin Sister opened the show, joined the band onstage during their cover to channel her inner Stevie Nicks about half way through. I shot this video with my phone, and so of course it is sufficiently shaky and shitty. This isn’t the first time the benders have done this cover, but I filmed it because I had a hunch Andrea would come out last night for reasons I’ll explain in a moment. If the video’s quality makes it difficult to identify who’s whom, let me help by saying Chris Chu is the one dressed like Ian Curtis and Andrea’s the one wearing a wig like a peroxided ?uestlove. (For a minute there she had stopped wearing those things onstage, but I’m told she’s had a rotating cast of three during this last tour with the benders and the night’s early openers, Cults. Fair dose of Stereogum40 on that marquee last night, incidentally.)

It’s all a bit slapdash, you can see Andrea give Chris the finger as she walks up to the mic, but it was the last night of their tour and a nice and well discussed moment for those who made it out. So, the morning benders + Twin Sister + Fleetwood Mac = this:

Anyway, I came to know of Twin Sister’s love for “Dreams” in an interesting manner: The night of the band’s sold-out EP release show at Glasslands this summer, a show I DJ’d, there was an onstage technical difficulty which required me to get back on the decks. I dropped “Dreams,” not realizing the band is a huge Fleetwood Mac nerd. This inspired Andrea to lead a memorable venue-wide karaoke moment. It was lemonade from a lemon of a circuit board, basically. (The NY Times tells the story better.) Some time after that show Chris Chu told me (disclosure: Chris Chu and I have spoken offstage before) that he had read of that night and hoped to recreate it live at some point during his band’s upcoming tour with Twin Sister. Naturally I’ve been quietly hoping something like this would materialize for the duration of their trek. Last night my “Dreams” came true? (Woof. But also whatever, I called the benders’ stage presence “Chu-risma” so I’m not above bad puns. Or firing myself.) But yeah, this is a nice thing that happened that put me in a very nice mood. The end.