Cursive Crush “From The Hips” On Letterman

Even if you didn’t dig into “From The Hips” and “I Couldn’t Love You” (you should have), take the four minutes to start your day with Cursive’s stop at the Ed Sullivan Theatre Friday night. The Omaha outfit summoned an air of electricity from the sparse jags and soaring climax of Mama I’m Swollen’s lead single, and I’m not sure that David’s sound system’s ever sounded more dialed in. You don’t need Letterman’s 180º (from teasing the album title during his band intro to “Good God”ding his way over to congratulate them) to certify its awesomeness, but it does show Dave’s still paying attention to his musical acts. As of now, Cursive is on fire.

Whoa. The title track can be Dropped, or you should probably just get the whole record which is out via Saddle Creek.