U2 Hype Spider-Man On 60 Minutes While First Preview Bombs

U2 and Spider-Man director Julie Taymor appeared on 60 Minutes to promote the musical, which had its first preview last night. The preview sounds like it didn’t go well at all. The New York Post says the show had to be stopped four times in the first act alone because of technical problems, and that pieces of the set were missing. People even walked out during the second act. And the problems may run even deeper: the Post says audience members grumbled about the confusing script and “dull” score. Because of these difficulties, the much-delayed opening has been pushed back to January 11. That’ll be the real test of this $60 million production. (Taymor is, after all, a genius.) As for the dull score, you can judge for yourself with this 60 Minutes interview. You’ll hear clips and samples of Spider-Man’s music mixed in with quotes from Bono, The Edge, and Taymor:

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