Carlos D’s Film Field Trip To Chicago

The inevitable Carlos Dengler is a film and TV composer follow-up post. But it’s better than just mere score composition — CD’s acting! Time Out Chicago reports that the first leg of shooting on the D’s forthcoming indie flick wrapped up in a Chicago suburb last week.

The six-day shoot was for the insipidly-titled thriller My Friends Told Me About You (a working title I hope), which Dengler is producing, starring in and, most likely, scoring. Dengler and the film?s director, 23-year-old Chicagoan Daniel Ryan?who previously directed Golgotha, a short film written and scored by Dengler?declined my requests for interviews, but a source on the film?s crew says Dengler is playing a ?bad drug dealer.? Not ?bad? as in badass, though. ?Bad? as in bumbling. (At one point, Dengler?s character gets duped by the oldest trick in the pot-pusher handbook: subbing oregano for the ganj.)

TOC scored some plot info too…

The plot details I currently have are scant, but the story involves men in butcher costumes, lots of blood, a spooky hotel (the Mayflower Motel in Clarendon Hills), a greasy-spoon diner (Uncle Bill?s in Roselle) and a creepy little boy in a little suit in the mold of The Omen?s Damien (oh god, another terrible tyke?).

Far be it for us to interpolate this report by suggesting where you can stalk the movie shoot, but Time Out suggests Carlos and crew will wrap filming in Chicago during their trip to Lolla in early August. But if you see him with his Italian Greyhound Gaius, best to greet Carlos and leave the IG alone — poor pooch is “suffering from too much attention.”

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