The Mountain Goats – “Tyler Lambert’s Grave”

“Tyler Lambert’s Grave,” referencing Dana Plato’s son who killed himself in May, won’t appear on the Mountain Goats forthcoming Erik Rutan & Co.-helmed All Eternals Deck. It’s a “Twitter Reward Bonus” and, in the spirit of such a reward, John Darnielle passed along details about the track via his Twitter account: “This song was written last summer, I recorded piano and voice and then sent it to the amazing Leanne Zacharias for strings … I am super fond of it but it does not really fit into the All Eternals Deck. Just a much different mood.” The title reminds me of the Sunset Tree’s “Dinu Lipatti’s Bones.” The feeling, too — though this one’s especially downcast, like the life and death it’s describing, presumably. Great song.

The Mountain Goats – “Tyler Lambert’s Grave”
(Via @mountain_goats)

Keeping the Twitter theme alive, the prequel, via my wise friend @xzachbaronx:

All Eternals Deck is out 3/29 via Merge, though again, you won’t find “Tyler Lambert’s Grave” on it. Darnielle suggests, also via Twitter, that if you like the song you donate to Next Door, an organization “provid[ing] victims of domestic violence with safe, effective alternatives to a life of fear, danger and few options.”

[Photo by Chrissy Piper]