Trent Reznor Nominated For Golden Globe

Reznor’s much-loved score for The Social Network has earned him a Golden Globe nomination. He’s up against A. R. Rahman, Alexander Desplot, Danny Elfman, and Hans Zimmer, who did the score for Inception (BRUUUUUUGGGHG). Listening to Reznor’s soundtrack clips on their own probably didn’t do much for you, but if you’ve seen The Social Network, you know the score was pretty vital. Reznor sounds surprised by the nomination, though:

When I took this project on it wasn’t even in my realm of my awareness that this could happen. When you’re working you lose objectivity. Watching the reaction has been overwhelming and I am taking some kind of pride that this industry has accepted the film and my score.

(Via Variety)

See if he wins on January 16.

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