PBJ & ‘Ye Set To Rock Sweden

It’s all true: Kanye West has invited Peter Bjorn & John for a live collab at the Way Out West fest in Gothenburg, Sweden this August, and now we have word that PB&J say “yay!” Peter Moren corroborated his acceptance of ‘Ye’s offer to MTV News:

We are absolutely confirmed to do it. He’s going to rap on a song and we’re going to play along and I’m going to dance. But I don’t know specifics, like, what we’re gonna do. Just jam around a bit. I may have to choreograph a dance routine. I have to check out his videos and see what he’s doing. Maybe we will put on some new suits. You know, sweat pants? Gymnastic outfits ? what do you call them? Tracksuits?

Tracksuits? What about chainsaws?

According to MTV, Peter never heard Kanye before his Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape. Kanye never asked permission to use “Young Folks.” And they still haven’t met! “We’ll meet five minutes before, hopefully, and I will say, ‘How are you doing? Did you have a good meal? How’s the hotel?’ The usual stuff, you know? Just small talk.”

That Aesop Rock/Mountain Goats rhyme-meld seems less random by the second.