Kevin Drew And The Complete Sentence Crew

With Spirit if… on heavy rotation, we’ve been spending a lot of time staring at the iTunes ticker and thinking about what Kevin would draw if he, well, drew. He’s a member of the small-but-proud fraternity of NAME+VERB artists — that is, artists whose full names double as complete sentences (although, strangely, he’s the only one we could think of who did his thing in the past tense):

Tom Waits
Stevie Nicks
Brandon Flowers

Andy Summers
Kevin Shields
Britney Spears
Mike Mills
Kevin Drew
Cale Parks
Kim and Kelly Deal

That’s our list so far. Of birth names, anyway. There’s also a whole separate category of stage names like Axl Rose and Jake Shears. And commands (frequently heard around the office: “Amrit, Sing(h)!”), which allows us to include not only Courtney Love and Iggy Pop, but one-word wonders like Sting, Slash, and Björk (that’s a verb, right?). Sure there’s plenty we missed.

Got a good picture of Britney Spearing, or Andy Summering? Post a link in the comments. We got ya started with a nice shot of Tom waiting. Mega bonus if you Photoshop up your own. Mega double bonus points if you combine two artists into one (e.g. “Tom waits while Mike mills.”). And no, it’s not a competition — but we’re giving out points anyway.