Dinosaur Jr. Prep Jagjaguwar Debut

Admittedly, I was a cynical dick when Dinosaur Jr. announced their full-band reunion. A little bit because they were one of the most important bands of my youth and reunions often backfire, but more importantly, as a long-haired youngster I witnessed Lou Barlow obsessing on his hatred of J. Mascis at a III-era live show at Maxwells and in interviews, etc., etc. Even if you weren’t there, it’s pretty clear who “The Freed Pig” targeted with its “Now you will be free / With no sick people tugging on your sleeve / Your big head has that more room to grow / A glory I will never know,” etc. Ah, he just had a Green Mind! (A totally underrated record, by the way). Anyhow, I was wrong. Maybe dudes still do hate each other, but when they come together on stage (or on record) they’re total pros who feel as energized as they did on those early outings. (No, Mascis never looks energized, but that was always part of the appeal.) If you were ever a Dinosaur Jr. fan, you can’t deny Beyond without outing yourself as a joyless doob. And live? Forget about it. So, hey, let’s get excited about a new Dinosaur album all over again: Farm, the original lineup’s fifth album together, is out this June. We have the album art, tracklist, and relevant live footage.

01 “Pieces”
02 “I Want You To Know”
03 “Ocean In The Way”
04 “Plans”
05 “Your Weather”
06 “Over It”
07 “Friends”
08 “Said The People”
09 “There’s No Here”
10 “See You”
11 “I Don’t Wanna Go There”
12 “Imagination Blind”

Farm is out 6/23 via Jagjaguwar. Here’s one of the above tracks “I Don’t Wanna Go There” live. And, speaking of Green Mind, we also have Kevin Drew joining the band for “The Wagon” from a killer post-midnight SXSW set at the Cedar Street Courtyard.

“I Don’t Want To Go There” (Live)

Dinosaur Jr. (With Kevin Drew) – “The Wagon”

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