New Counting Crows – “Come Around”

Counting Crows are getting close to their first release since ’02’s abysmal Hard Candy, and the first track to circulate raises an interesting question: If you title a new tune like a mashup of two of your past smashes, will you then net a smash-in-the-making single? Unfortunately not, friends. You can tell “Come Around” from, say, “Round Here” or “Hangin’ Around” because the intro rips off “Maggie May.” Why post it? ‘Cause we really liked August And Everything After and Recovering The Satellites — and maybe you did too and wanna hear how the mighty have fallen.

Remember when Adam Duritz dated two Friends? The ’90s were fun! OJ Simpson! CD-ROMs! Wheeee! When you finish the nostalgia trip, have a listen at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. Not surprisingly, the song is totally forgettable, but Recommended If You’re This Guy:

Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings is out 11/6.