Neko Case Unleashes Her Middle Cyclone On Interface

“Unleash” might seem like the wrong word for Neko Case’s classy, countrified sounds, but even though a couple of these performances are muted and she’s only joined by one other vocalist and an acoustic guitarist, when she tilts her head back and belts it out, you imagine she could be heard over even the biggest of storms (or, in more musical terms, a Glenn Branca Guitar Army). We’ve seen plenty of live performance’s of material from Case’s sixth album, sure, and there’s a reason why — the woman really can sing. Broken record. See:

“Don’t Forget Me”

“Middle Cyclone”

She also did the recently animated “People Got A Lot Of Nerve.” You can watch that, along with some interview footage, over at Spinner.

Middle Cyclone is out via ANTI-.