Handsome Furs Do “Evangeline” And “Legal Tender” Live In Minneapolis

There isn’t a couple in indie rock that exudes more sexual energy than Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry. (Sorry, Death Cab For Zooey.) With their second LP Face Control, the pair put their chemistry front and center for a set of racy promo pics and videos, but if you’ve ever been in a club with the sweethearts you already know their smoking, skin-baring stage thing to cause some heart palpitations. The new album bottles that chemistry on a set of stark and pulsing, musky songs, and their sets come like fucking without touching, until they invited up a third girl at a recent show Minneapolis to join the gyrations and plant one on Alexei because like she had a choice. If you weren’t there, you can relive it here on “Evangeline,” and hear them talk about how it’s been to be married on “Legal Tender.” (“Yeah, it’s been pretty good.” Evidently.)


“Legal Tender”

Handsome Furs – “I’m Confused” (MP3)
Handsome Furs – “Radio Kaliningrad” (MP3)

One couple to whom I will never say “get a room.” Those come courtesy of Minneapolis Fucking Rocks. Face Control is out via Sub Pop.