Panda Bear – “Atiba Song”

Another potential Tomboy track “Atiba Song” soundtracks this skate video directed by Atiba Jefferson and Ty Evans, who, it seems, were testing the Lumix GH2 DSLR camera for Panasonic: “Originally shot 1080i for Panasonic CES 2011 show. Nostalgic film mode with no color grading to show image straight out of the camera. This version de-interlaced and compressed for the web.” ETC. Maybe a curious way to roll out a new Panda Bear track, but it works considering since the song’s named after one of the guys who directed the clip. Nice to see his aesthetic alongside the material carrying his name. That, and I’ll take a glossy professional video over another crappy pastiche of found footage or a chillwave house party. But feel free to tune our for the four-minutes of credits at the end:

(Via I Guess I’m Floating)

For someone who hasn’t paid much attention to skating for the past decade, it’s somehow moving to see Tony Hawk looking older, still going at it among the youngsters.

Tomboy is out 4/19 via Paw Tracks. Some more info on it:

Over the past six months or so, Panda Bear has released a series of vinyl singles on different labels, including Domino, Paw Tracks, and Fat Cat, with the final single forthcoming on Kompakt. The Tomboy album will be a compilation of these songs, along with new ones that have not been released. Additionally, all the songs have been added to and newly mixed with help from Sonic Boom to give the album a wonderfully rich and warm sound.

The above promo photo by Brian DeRan seems instructional, too.