@WayneCoyne Teases Neon Indian Collab

From the cesspool of hashtags, overshares, and lunch-order updates that is Twitter comes a little something worth shining a light on, via the frequently follow-worthy @WayneCoyne account. (I haven’t followed since his account launch, but that week he twitpic’d a few photos of his wife’s bare bum, which really isn’t a big deal since you can plot a course to it anyway via Google Maps). He twoted:

You’ve seen Alan charm Peter Gabriel, so a Flaming Lip coming around and championing young Palomo’s project just makes good psychedelic and/or psychological sense. The two met when Wayne and Ariel Pink caught a Neon Indian set in September , after which the Lips offered the group the opening spot at their upcoming show in Dallas on February 3rd. “Past that,” says a rep for the band, “it’s just two friends talking about stuff.” So this collab may happen (Alan’s jamming along at home), or it may never materialize — in any event, this video makes it out to have lysergic leanings. Surprise.

In other Neon Indian news, work has begun in earnest on LP2, and Alan’s still an Ariel Pink fan. And so the three-generational-circle of skewed-pop bros goes unbroken.

[Photo by Amrit Singh at ATP NY 2009]