How Liars Taught Fall Out Boy To Adjust Their iTunes Preferences

You kids are all savvy with your bittorrents and your internets and whatnots, but there may be a few of you still that don’t realize your iTunes automatically networks with any old cyber-peeping Tom, Dick or Harry that’s out there searching (unless you go into those ‘Sharing’ settings and click the appropriate box). Learn from this cautionary tale, as relayed by Liars after spending some time on the festival circuit.

Via their MySpace:

Its talking to people too, which is unusual for us… its cool to hear other bands tour stories… We learnt that the group Architecture in Helsinki is actually Australian, so we had a beer. Those guys were in a hotel where all the occupants i-tunes were connected. Weird, i know.. They logged on and found heaps of guitar riff recordings that were apparently awesome. So they search to find whose computer it`s coming from..
and low and behold….
its the solo recordings of fob`s lead guitarist
(insert name here)
4am , in a Tokyo Hotel.
who knew!?

Yes, ‘fob’ as in Fall Out Boy. MTV followed up with the story, confirming with fob guitarist Joe Trohman that the tracks AiH and Liars were digging on were in fact his (the guitarist said they either were his for-fun guitar riffing, or ideas for future Fall Out tunes — he couldn’t be sure). Trohman concluded:

…upon reading Liars’ blog, it was really cool hearing some positive feedback about something that I never planned on showing anyone. Definitely really flattering. I back that band, and AIH, so it’s cool to hear that stuff from bands I like. Either way, I went into my preferences and turned the sharing off. I’m shaking thinking about it right now.

So there’s your lesson kiddies: Next time you’re staying at a hotel downtown during an indie oriented rock festival, be sure to turn on your sharing preferences! You’ll probably get to poke around in Architecture In Helsinki and Liars music collections.