New Kanye West – “Stronger (A-Trak Remix)”

Yeah, can’t get enough Kanye these days, but that’s because the consciously cool rapper’s wandered into our stomping grounds with his purple-y Takashi Murakami graphic design, Zach ‘n’ Will video upgrading, TV On The Radio non-dissing, and Peter Bjorn and Johning. Fact of the matter: Kanye chooses collaborators wisely.

Already loved “Stronger” for the Daft Punk-in-a-box sampling. We love it even more now that Kanye’s Montreal DJ A-Trak started slicing and dicing. Those in the know won’t be surprised to hear Chromeo in A-Trak’s turntable maniuplation of les robots’ refrain and fierce synth/beat interjection; he’s brothers with Chromeo’s “mustachioed half.” Get yr listen on at MySpace and add it to your DJ-nights playlist.