Stuart From Belle And Sebastian Is Looking For Two Girls To Be On His New Record

Reader Justin wrote us today to report on what he gleaned from his “bimonthly check up on B&S’s website”: a diary entry, written by Stuart, talking about the “fantastically cold” summer in Glasgow, and how it’s inspired him to write a story about a “better summer,” involving two girls and a guy. As it turns out, Stuart’s turned the story into a record — and later, “A MOVIE!” — and he’s looking for YOU to sing. Here’s what you gotta do:

So we?d like you to send a picture of yourself with your recording, and perhaps a little bit of information about yourself. If you?ve done this kind of thing before, for instance, or if you can tango, or play the banjo. (and if you haven?t, just as good! we just want people who can sing nice!)

Though the story’s about two girls and a guy, right now he’s all about the ladies (“maybe later” for the guy-search, he says). Here’s a hitlist of files and instructions for the girls out there:

  • Head to iMEEM and create a profile for yourself.
  • Listen to full versions of “Funny Little Frog” and new(!) tune “The Pyschiatrist Is In” at the B&S iMEEM page
  • Download the instrumental versions and lyrics of the songs…
    Belle & Sebastian – “Funny Little Frog” (Instrumemtal) (MP3)
    Belle & Sebastian – “The Psychiatrist Is In” (Instrumemtal) (MP3)
    Song Lyrics (PDF)
  • Perform and record!

    Get further details and uploading instructions here (and vote on submissions — be nice), though you gotta read Stuart’s diary entry to get a feel for the story itself. Casting call is open from now until October 1st. Good luck, ladies!