New Nite Jewel Video – “Lover”

The glammy Italians Do It Better-associated Nite Jewel, aka Ramona Gonzalez backed by Emily Jane, give Roxy Music’s “Lover” a lo-tech go on their Good Evening LP. If you close your eyes, it’s a melancholic take, but once you open them again, the soft-focused video finds the L.A. duo hamming it up with a conch shell, slow-motion glitter, 3-D rainbow streaks, a white shag rug, and plenty of cheekily dramatic karaoke-style singing. It won’t be for everyone, especially if any of the aforementioned set off your hipster irony alarm, but it’s at least fun for a game of contrast/compare.


Nite Jewel – “Weak For Me” (MP3)

Good Evening is out via Human Ear. You’ll find more Nite Jewel at MySpace.