Newylwed Ryan Adams Remains Lovably Wacky

For those who worried that his marriage to straight-and-narrow-seeming Mandy Moore would turn Ryan Adams into a bore, you clearly don’t know Ryan Adams. The Superchunk coverer recently launched a new website with a new nonsense video series as well as a homepage for his Satanic/pizza-minded metal side project Werewolph. The latter includes streams of three songs: The catchy (and pretty hilarious) “Dead People Unite,” a pre-TGIF primer “Evil Weekend,” and the doomy “Mega Wizards” (which is actually credited to Ryan’s other band The Shit), (He didn’t quit music after all). If you want some Wherewolph on video, we can give you Wherewolph on video, including the aforementioned “Evil Weekend.”

“Evil Weekend”

“Pink Is Not Your Color”

You’ll find more videos at On top of all that, instead of hijacking Mandy’s Twitter, he’s started his own.