Jim James & M. Ward Launch Crème Brûlée Blog

All-American chums Yim and Matt have taken a fixation upon France’s caramel and custard confection to the internet. They even bought a domain name: cremebrulog.com. They’re still trying to figure out its format — it’s apparently meant to catalog and review the world’s freshest crème, though that doesn’t preclude flights of fan fic ala this one that is set in Havana, 1957:

at first the cream of her enchanted flan fills my mouth- tastebuds and tearducts flood with joy and i feel the eggs in their primitive state, knowing both at once the potential that is carried in any egg, and the full realization of what an egg, whipped into shape, can become…i carry the egg in my mouth for awhile like an expectant mother…then send it down with the pride of a parent watching their little egg pass the bar exam..i know i am safe with this flan

And in reality it seems simply that dudes went to the Miel restaurant in Nashville, had Chef Angela Reynold’s admittedly wondrous looking dessert (pictured above, in the blog’s first post), decided over however many rounds of their intoxicant of choice that blogging about brûlée was the way forward. Maybe the joke’s over, maybe it’ll become an exhaustive compendium of the crèmes of the world. For now there are ratings, and a rating system (the burned cream with the most logs, wins). Which is a start. At the very least, this story gives the music media the space to say “crème brûlée is delicious,” and all the Google traffic that attends a statement like that.