New Kid Rock Video – “So Hott” (And Tommy Lee Punch-Out Vid)

Still reeling after last night’s train wreck? Us too! But since we’re gluttons for punishment (obviously), it’s only fair we start the day with a Kid Rock video since he was involved in the only interesting that happened at the VMAs. (Off-cam, no less.) Enjoy the delicious self-parody that was Kid Rock and Tommy Lee throwing down at such a “classy” event? Then you’re gonna love Bob Ritchie’s new clip; it may as well be satire. The Kid’s studying at the Paris School For Spelling with this new love jam, boasting a clip full of sunglasses, Flying Vs, hott backseat makeout sessions, and sweet, sweaty ultimate fighting pits (sexy!). “I wanna fuck you like I’m never gonna see you again.” Tell us again, Romeo.

That actually made us pine for the days of Joe C. Yes, for the folks that rightly found better things to do last night than watch the VMAs, what we’re saying is: The most compelling moment of the affair wasn’t even televised. But we did find this vid of the Rock/Lee throwdown as it happened, so you can now feel caught up.

Kid coldcocked.

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