New Robyn – “With Every Heartbeat (Acoustic)”

Thanks to our favorite Swedish soubrette for giving us an alternate cut and bringing us one post closer to turning this thing into a Robyn fanblog. Although finally, years after releasing the near-perfect pop document Konichiwa Bitches (titled Robyn upon Swedish release in ’05), things for our heroine are reaching a long overdue critical — well, popular (writers ‘n’ bloggers have been up since day one) — mass: the UK populace has embraced the relatively new single “With Every Heartbeat,” giving the cut a home at #1 on the UK charts and bringing the flaxen-haired siren one step closer to global dominance. We’ve been waiting.

As is our weekend habit, we were indoctrinating friends to the cult of Robyn on Saturday and while giving big ups to the knob twiddling and production throughout, we couldn’t help but marvel at how strong the tunes were beneath the blips ‘n’ beats (just listen to “Handle Me”‘s hook, key on the acoustic guit). Of course not every track has the mighty hand of Andreas Kleerup on the control board, so Robyn putting her second-time-around global breakthrough out for display sans everything but vox and plaintive piano is a bold stroke, and at least worth a listen for those who know their Bitches.

Beginners, start here.

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