New Mark Ronson (Feat. Amy Winehouse) Video – “Valerie”

The tagline for this one could read: “When rehab and video recording schedules conflict!” No confirmation that Amy’s ongoing issues are to blame, but it’s fair to assume the tabloid ‘n’ narcotic nonsense surrounding Wino’s life these days made nabbing her for the shoot an issue. Good on Mark for playing off her absence, though; more like ‘Feat. Amy Winehouse (in spirit),’ the clip offers a series of five girls (dubbed The Winettes) fronting the Ronson band, with and without lyric sheets, lip syncing as Britney only wishes she could. Version’s not for everyone, but this Zutons cover’s an undeniably horny, swingin’ highlight. Also, by keeping Amy’s mug off camera, Mark effectively diffused future Sarah Silverman punchlines. That’s thinkin’.