New Black Dice Video – “Glazin”

We gave you the “Glazin,” in pure audio form a couple months ago. Black Dice have always tapped into the visual (remember they came out of the Rhode Island School Of Design way back when), so it was only a matter of time before an appropriately warped and jubilant video emerged. When posting “Glazin,” I called it “an excellent piece of shiny psychedelia” and noted that “If they gave it a video in the vein of ‘Smiling Off,’ it would induce twice as many seizures.” While there are general similarities, the flickers are a bit smoother (and more black and white) this time, so no need for a warning. Then again, please do watch out for the b&w to color transition (see above thumbnail) toward the end. Intense.

(Via P4K)

Pre-visual form:

Black Dice – “Glazin” (MP3)

REPO is out via Paw Tracks.

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