This Week In Digital Downloads

  • If you missed Royal City’s cover of “Is This It,” Largehearted Boy will hook you up.

  • Meanwhile, Newflux has a killer new Walkmen song.

  • And – sorry to underestimate the musical taste of my readers – but if you happen to be into the Offspring, you can download the whole new album at this crazy Russian site. (Just right click song title, save as .mp3 instead of .zi)

  • Ultragrrrl has the new Vines, but she doesn’t wanna get sued by Capitol, so you’re on your own there.

  • Chromewaves has Macha (one of my faves) and Bedhead doing Cher’s “Believe.”

  • If you were completely asleep all year, head to Catbirdseat for the awesome December 2003 Mix: Wrens, Nada Surf, Ted Leo … you can’t go wrong.

  • I’ll have some new Shack and Hope of the States MP3s for you later. If you’re good.