Marilyn Manson’s 66.6% Absinthe

Marilyn Manson’s 66.6% Absinthe

Acting as a chaser for his sixth studio album Eat Me, Drink Me, America’s favorite faux devil worshiper’s concocted his own brand of absinthe — right, every respectable goth ‘n’ vampire’s favorite drink. He’s calling the stuff “Mansinthe,” which admittedly sounds a tad too biological, making us a wee bit uncomfortable.

The official spiel…

The official Marilyn Manson Absinthe, aptly dubbed “Mansinthe” is now officially available for purchase online. Produced in Switzerland, Mansinthe is an authentic Absinthe, distilled from fine herbs, naturally colored and not sugared. There is just ONE Mansinthe -there is NO “sans wormwood” version! Marilyn Manson was directly involved in developing this product and made changes to multiple prototypes that were sent for his review. It took a considerable amount of time to get Mansinthe to the level Manson desired. We’re convinced that this Absinthe is not just ideal for newbies, but will also be appreciated by experienced Absinthe lovers.

(Via Manson USA.)

Bottles of the 66.6% proof drink will feature original Manson art (Gothic font, obvs) and cost about $41. You can purchase at, which provides proper drinking directions (drip ice water over sugar cube, etc.) and a fun warning (“Do not drink Absinthe pure, do not light your Absinthe on fire, do not think Absinthe will make you hallucinate…”).

Manson discovered the famed drink on Millennium Eve with Johnny Depp, and now drinks the potent beverage exclusively instead of regular booze.

Funny, that’s exactly how we discovered the stuff … Hi, Johnny! Anyhow, Manson seems pretty hellbent on promoting his spin on the green fairy: In an interview from the May issue of Spin, he gets the National’s favorite showered-and-blue-blazered author Jonathan Ames crunk on the stuff during their cribs-style Q&A at Manson’s mansion. Cool, dude, the drink part of Eat Me, Drink Me’s covered — when do we get the Manson Wonderbread?

A bigger, maybe more interesting question: How long til Craig Finn and Robert Pollard bottle their own rock ‘n’ roll spirits?

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