New Doves Streams

Doves are streaming a bunch of moody, mysterious instrumental songs at their site, promising “you will not hear this anywhere else,” but not offering song titles or any other recording data. Who knows where these things are from, but we like watching the fiery, Flash-y “exclusive” icon while listening…

They’re all at somewhere, but for navigational ease, the tracks’ URLs are listed at Tha Bomb Shelter (the official site’s sneaky in its rundown, Sherlock). To pick a random triad from the Manchester trio: “Track 9″‘s a spy-chase groover, “Track 10″‘s cascading Glass-percussion with breezy synth, and “Track 11″ drifts faint ham radio voices (“of course not” repeated) beneath spare ‘n’ icy note clusters. It’s not all Twin Peaks peeks: “Track 16″ brings on more straightforward melancholic, twanged guitar noir that disappears a moment, returning after a brief rattle ‘n’ scrape.

The band’s working on a forth full-length, so perhaps these are outtakes and dusky snippets from that? Whatever the case, digging the whole music-from-an-unrealized-film feel.

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