The Walkmen – “While I Shovel The Snow” & “Orange Sunday” Videos

Two new lovely elemental Walkmen videos for you. “While I Shovel the Snow” has an appropriately snowy clip, showing the band brooding around New York during one of the many recent snowstorms. “Orange Sunday”‘s video is a world away; it follows a diver as he navigates warm looking tropical waters. The videos make a nice pair, and “Orange Sunday” gives you a chance to sample this not-yet-released Lisbon sessions track. Bruno Levy, who directed the “Orange Sunday” video, also directed the band’s “Four Provinces” video. “While I Shovel the Snow” was directed by Jake Davis. Check out “While I Shovel the Snow” and “Orange Sunday” below:

(via P4K)

Lisbon is out now via Fat Possum Records.