The Thermals – “Not Like Any Other Feeling” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

The Thermals’ video for “Not Like Any Other Feeling” has a charming lo-fi look to it, from the chalk-drawn sets to the cardboard television set. According to the band, the video took six months to film in Seattle and Bellingham Washington. The animations were drawn onto a giant piece of a wall surrounding the Sound Transit Construction site at Cal Anderson Park. Fifty volunteers and the Seattle experimental Animation Team worked with animator/director Clyde Peterson. It was a lot of work:

Frame by frame, on the wall and the command modules in the park, the team animated both their bodies and control panels to create a historic revision of the famous first visit to the moon. It was shot both in digital stills and Super 8 film, and later composited into an edit that Petersen then rotoscoped stars, the moon and space barf on top of for the final results.

It’s hard to get accurate looking space barf, for sure. But I also enjoyed the period-accurate snacks that the appear in the scene where people are watchin The Thermals land on the moon. You can read more about the long animation process at Petersen’s blog about the shoot. But before you do that, watch it:

Personal Life is out now via Kill Rock Stars.