Arctic Monkeys – “Brick By Brick”: New Song, New Video

Everything we know about this track and video by Arctic Monkeys is coming via that screengrab up there, and a tweet from Focus Creeps’ Ben Chappell of Focus Creeps, who directed the video treatment which contains a shot of a studio card bearing the following info: James Ford, Arctic Monkeys, 2/7/11. The date’s relevant because it establishes this as a distinctly new, post-Humbug track, and not one of the allegedly numerous leftovers from Humbug’s Josh Homme and James Ford helmed sessions. It also lends credence to the reports that James Ford will be producing the Monks’ forthcoming fourth LP, whenever that gets released. As for the video, it’s a fine play on the brick-by-brick motif: a record playing, and then a quick visual montage of all the steps it took to get that record on the player: California highways, bands chilling on the beach, shots of the studio, audio monitor needles hovering near the red, cigarettes, a vinyl presser, and back to the start. The sound isn’t particularly exciting, but as far as stopgap reminders that the band exists and is working on new stuff set to pretty visuals, it’ll do.