The National – “Conversation 16″ Video (Feat. Mad Men’s John Slattery)

A few days ago I noticed that Pitchfork was running small, not-clickable pictures of John Slattery. Then the images started including members of The National. The band’s been cryptic with their advertising before (High Violet ads appeared on websites with no link to or mention of the band), but it was clear something was coming. And here it is, a video for High Violet’s “Conversation 16” featuring Mad Men star John Slattery (as opposed to The Adjustment Bureau star John Slattery, or the Sex And The City politician who liked to urinate on women have women pee on him John Slattery). Weirdly, Slattery’s romantic competition here is James Urbaniak, who played Buster, the guy with a foot fetish, on Sex In The City. In the video they fight over Kristen Schaal. She wasn’t on Sex And The City to my knowledge. The video was directed by Scott Jacobson, a writer for The Daily Show. Watch:

High Violet is out now.