Kanye Samples Feist On Twista’s “Well It’s Time”

Pretty sure we used “What’s he gonna sample next, Feist?!” as an LOL punchline at some point, but as we saw at the Emmys, Kanye’s good at bringing himself in on the joke. This particular cool points quest isn’t Graduation-related, though: Twista got West to cook up beats for his just-released Adrenaline Rush 2007 LP, but ended up using the Kanye cut as a bonus track. Pretty lazy sample ‘n’ paste job on West’s part, but here it is: Kanye sampling Feist’s “Gatekeeper” from Let It Die on Twista’s “Well It’s Time.”

So, we readjust: What’s he gonna sample next, Grizzly Bear?! LOL. (And if that happens, insert the National. One step ahead.)

Thanks to Reggie for the heads up.