Scenes From The Suburbs Trailer

You got a taste of Spike Jonze’s Scenes From The Suburbs in the video for Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs.” As we reported before you could affix Grammy Winners to the band’s name, Scenes is a short film centering on “friends growing apart” and that it was shot somewhere near Austin, TX. Win and Will Butler co-wrote the script with Jonze, so expect drama and at least one use of the word “rococo.” That’s the official poster above. Here’s the trailer:

(Via The Playlist)

Scenes From The Suburbs stars Sienna Blau, Sam Dillon, Zoe Graham, Zeke Jarmon, Paul Pluymen, and Ashlin Williamson. The film debuted at the Berlin Film Festival and is playing at SXSW. As you’ll note at the end of the trailer, it’s also coming soon to DVD.