Annie Lennox Gets Every Breathing Pop Female Vocalist To “Sing”

Annie Lennox Gets Every Breathing Pop Female Vocalist To “Sing”

Maybe we’re posting this new Lennox song “Sing” ’cause the Eurhythmics hold a sweet and nostaltic spot in our hearts … or maybe it’s because — despite the routine, FM-friendly/Glenn Ballard balladry of “Dark Road” — Annie has her moments on Songs Of Mass Destruction. Of course it’s neither of those; all you gotta do is look down a few inches. That’s tag field population on par with Feist at Letterman! Just, nowhere near that degree of awesome. But still, helluva pull, Annie.

“Sing” is devoted to “the treatment of pregnant women with AIDS to prevent the spread of H.I.V. to their babies.” (OK, so that Is awesome after all.) And rather excellently, it features KT and k.d. on the same track, which is great for both periodic and capitalistic reasons. More on the all-star pop chick choir via NYT:

I wrote down a mission statement and sent a letter to a list of women that I thought would be really good contenders,? she said. ?I had no idea if anybody would want to get on board with me. It?s the first time I?ve really ever done anything like this. And I just thought, ?Oh, be prepared for rejection.? ? Yet nearly everyone she invited would appear on the song, recording in studios around the world and sending tracks for Ms. Lennox and her producers to mix.

“Nearly” everyone invited? Good god, with such an exhaustive list, who else could’ve been approached? Well aside from the plentiful tags, the modern-pop gospel track’s utterly forgettable — but we’d be remiss if we didn’t show you where to listen (Hypem) and how to buy (at; each purchase will raise money for Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa, after all. And we like good causes.

Songs Of Mass Destruction is out today on Arista.

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