Mashed-Up Joy Division Video – “Transmission”

Just a week away from the proper opening of Anton Corbijn’s Ian Curtis biopic Control, which we’ve been covering via promising trailers and abominable covers. Apparently the live performance scenes in the movie feature Joy Division tunes as performed by the relevant actors (Ian-actor Sam Riley was a lead singer of Leeds bands before being cast, so that shouldn’t be all bad), but this video mixes Control footage with archival Joy Division clips while using the original recording of “Transmission.” If you were wondering how well Corbijn’s thespians researched their real-life counterparts, watch this, rest assured, and get psyched.

(Via P4K)

Control is in theaters 10/5 in the UK (Claraflora) and 10/10 in the US (via the Weinsteins).

UPDATE: Check the original BBC footage (thanks, Simon!).