New Metric – “Stadium Love” / “Standing In Line” / “Gimme Sympathy” / “Freddy” / “Twilight” (Live At MySpace Secret Show)

After spending some time satisfying the solo act impulse, Emily’s back to BSS affiliates Metric, and it seems like the Canadians are closer to a new record than we’d realized. This past Thursday, Metric teamed with MySpace for a ‘Hey, Play This!’ show, a live webcast of an LA gig during which MySpacers IM song requests. Cute idea, although it looks like Emily, Jimmy et al made plenty of executive decisions in disregard of the request line, treating the kids to at least five new tracks.

[Photo by Andrew Kendall]

“Stadium Love”‘s one, and true to name, it’s built for the big rooms (Jimmy jabbing at his guitar arena-rock style, eighth-note crash-cymbal bashes at the pre-chorus, etc.). We’ve said before that this is a band poised for the big time — what with Emily’s presence, voice, face, and their signature sound — just a song away; don’t force it though, Metric. Gone is the sex and synth of their nighttime new wave, instead aiming broad and back at the cheap seats. On that song, at least. The rest are rather awesome.

“Standing In Line” reintroduces some of the stylish subtlety while still rocking; “Freddy” chimes and swells without pandering; “Joy Ride” offers pulsing, off-kilter synth pop; while “Gimme Sympathy” asks “After all this is done who would you rather be, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?” Based on that early ’06 tour and their succexy-ness, we think Em’s got that answered. Check vid stream captures of the new tunes at Web Vomit.