No 1. Indies Detective Agency

While dragging through a folder of backups that’s moved from computer to computer over the last decade, Jim found an image labeled “dylan_ideas.tif”, and when we opened it, we saw this…

old Bob Dylan PR materials?

Here’s what our advanced data mining tells us: It dates to the early ’60s and is PR material, and searches of ancient mailboxes for mentions of Dylan produced only this unrelated gem. The first question is if it came from a relatively recent boxed set, or if it was an original document that somehow found a lap to fall into. Either way, it was scanned and forgotten. Anyone seen it before? Context? Are there any stories attached to this?


I found it! It’s in the booklet (page 20) of the Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3 (rare and unreleased 1961 – 1991). It has the same picture as above, and is described as “Columbia Records’ 1965 marketing suggestions.”

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