Sonic Youth Show Jools Holland “What We Know”

The Eternal, complete with its “heavy ass weirdo hooks,” is Sonic Youth’s 16th album, but the band (now with Mark Ibold) come off as energized as ever in this clip of them performing the Lee Ranaldo track “What We Know” on Jools Holland. Lee’s songs nail a sort of blustery darkness that makes me think of a NYC pulse that doesn’t actually exist in NYC: Just wait for the middle breezy noise section. The folks at Matador have this to say about the track:

Charging forth with a riff in reference to Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, Lee sings a triptych to identity and unity.

Of course. Pay attention to Jools’s intro. He seems drunk.

If you want some more, here’s another listen to “Sacred Trickster,” which finds Kim referencing Yves Klein and Noise Nomads, a band Mr. Moore recently brought to NYC from MA to play his Santos Session. It’s all circular.

Sonic Youth – “Sacred Trickster” (MP3)

The Eternal is out 6/9 on Matador.

UPDATE: “Sacred Trickster” / “Antenna”